Hi Friends,

Welcome to this blog ‘MoneyInvestingIdea’ which intend to present before you the ‘Ideas Which Create Wealth’. This blog is an attempt to make people aware about the importance of financial planning, and to make them financially secure.

This blog has been started by Dheeraj Kumar Agrawal, who is senior business journalist, personal finance blogger and translator. He is an Associate Financial Planner (AFP), and have been engaged with producing many TV shows on financial planning, tax and investment.

Dheeraj Agrawal

After working for more than 12 years in a leading business news channel- CNBC Awaaz, he decided to follow a different path.

Why This Blog- MoneyInvestingIdea.com

He felt that there is lack of awareness about financial products. People don’t understand the importance of investment, forget the need of a financial planner. So he decided to reach to the people in search of investment ideas in easy to understand language. Hence the idea of this blog, MoneyInvestingIdea, came into being.

He is a devoted professional with a genuine passion for writing and translation. With long experience in business journalism, he has good command over both Hindi and English language. He is having PG Diploma in Journalism from IIMC, New Delhi as well as B.com. degree from IGNOU.

To hone his understanding of financial markets, he has done some certificate courses from NSE and FPSB, Mumbai. He has a keen interest in personal finance, banking and capital markets. Apart from these, he has worked on consumer awareness as well.

Strange may it sound, he is equally interested in literature and mythology. He has been involved with book translation by many well known authors. Some of the books translated by him are as follows:-

  • Stretch your technology: Email by Ankit Fadia
  • The Alexander’s Secret by Christopher Doyle
  • The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian
  • The Secret of Druids by Christopher Doyle
  • The Kaunteya by Madhavi Mahadevan
  • A Secret Revealed by Christopher Doyle

Right now he writes article for The Quint on banking, personal finance, share markets and youth issues.

Please note that the articles in this blog are not financial advice. These are just for the understanding. Before investment you are advised to consult your investment planner. If you want to reach Dheeraj Kumar Agrawal with your comment, concern or idea, he is available on @dheertweet.